1. What is the difference between a customer and distributor?

Distributors are eligible to receive commissions on personal and organizational purchases. Customers can purchase purchase products from our website  but are not eligible to earn commissions.

  1. Why does MFH charge Autoship every month ?

MFH provides you an opportunity to build a network marketing empire across the globe. MFH genuinely sells holiday packages and provides you an unparalleled income opportunity. A part of your Autoship amounts goes to provide you international holidays. Its like buying an international holiday on instalments.

  1. Can I get a refund?
    No Refund Policy. Once you become an affiliate or distributor you have immediate access to all the products and services in your membership. MFH pays commission on realtime basis as soon as a purchase is effected. We do not force anyone to purchase our products and services. Full access to our full range of products and services is immediate upon sign up. Refer to refund policy at the bottom of the website.

  1. When do I get paid?

Payouts are generated instantly and reflect in your respective wallets in realtime whenever someone registers in your downline. The wallet amounts can be instantly utilized to sign up someone or for your autoships. You can also request a withdrawal in your bank amount if the amount is more than 50€..

  1. Why do I have an option to buy a registration package when I sign up?

Registration packs is an excellent way for someone interested in earning from deeper levels without having to wait for achieving the particular rank. Maximum rank that you can is RUBY.

  1. How much can I earn as a distributor?

There is no limit to the earnings you can make from MFH. The Actual income will depend on the amount of time and effort a distributor devotes to their business and the organizational structure. The more number of directs you have, the more will be your income.

  1. Does MFH pay returns on investments ?

MFH is a genuine network marketing concept and MFH doesn’t guarantee any returns on the amount that you sign up with.

  1. Can a distributor cancel his distributorship ?

Yes, the distributorship can be cancelled anytime the distributor wants and exit the business. The distributorship is automatically cancelled after 6 months of inactivity. Inactivity means for 6 consecutive months the distributor hasn’t done an Autoship.

  1. Is my personal information safe with MFH?
    Absolutely! A member's personal information will not be sold, misused, or used for any other opportunity. (Refer to Privacy Policy)

  1. Do I have to pay Taxes?
    All distributors are liable to pay taxes as per the prevailing law in the respective countries.

  1. What is My Free Holiday’s policy on spamming?
    We have ZERO tolerance for spamming. Members who spam will be removed. (Refer to Antispam Policy)